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Charles Baber

December 2021

I was born in Florida and moved to metro Detroit in 1968.   I have been practicing yoga for fifty years, and taught for more than thirty.  When I was 17,…Read More

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Laura Lerman

October 2021

Home Town:  Detroit, Michigan Gail Twitty, my first Yoga Teacher, inspired me to become a yoga teacher.  I started taking yoga from Gail in the late 1980s while working in…Read More

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Chris Briney

August 2021

Who or What inspired you to be a Yoga Instructor ? I’d say the first push came from developing a regular home practice. Taking to yoga led me to all…Read More

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Jan Chaney

May 2021

Name & Hometown: Janice Chaney.  I lived in Detroit MI until I was 2, and then moved to Royal Oak, MI until I graduated from Kimball High School. Who or…Read More

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Katarina Cerny

April 2021

Name & Hometown: Katarina Cerny, Cleveland, Ohio (formerly of Beverly Hills, MI) Who or what inspired you to be a Yoga Instructor ? Sallee Rosen, a wonderful teacher and one…Read More

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Kristi Warrington

March 2021

Name & Hometown: Kristi Warrington.   I was raised in, and came back to Garden City, Michigan.   Who or what inspired you to be a Yoga Instructor: Two important people…Read More

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Khaya Davidson

February 2021

Name & Hometown:  Khaya Davidson, Farmington Hills, Michigan. Who or What inspired you to be a Yoga Instructor:  Betsy Bertolino, my main yoga teacher for several years and one of…Read More

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Sara Merchawi

January 2020

Name & Hometown: I was born Najwa Sara Merchawi in Monastir, Tunisia, a small country on the Mediterranean shore of Northern Africa.  I have been living in North America (US…Read More

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Usha Shah

December 2020

Name & Hometown: Usha Shah – but friends call me Shasha.  Originally I am from Bombay, India, and have been living in Metro Detroit for the last 26  years.  Who…Read More

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Yola Johnson

November 2020

Name & Hometown: Yola Johnson I currently live Downriver, on the beautiful island of Grosse Ile, MI.  I grew up in Loves Park, Illinois (about 60 miles west from Chicago)…Read More

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