Studio Membership




YAGD by-laws require that any member STUDIO has an active YAGD member on staff. The member application will be considered sufficient to qualify.
  • Local Free-Standing Studio: Studio in a traditional brick and mortar setting with multiple teachers and classes throughout the week.
  • In Home Studios: Single teacher with a virtual and/or in-person presence. Teacher has a set schedule that is available via the YAGD

 YAGD proposes that all studios meet the definition of STUDIO and are eligible for a Studio Membership.  This Studio membership, which includes one Standard Membership, is being offered for a reduced rate of $65.  In prior years the Studio Membership cost was $70 (Studio dues $25 plus Standard Membership $45 for a total of $70).

Studio payment is to be made according to yearly annual dues schedule.  If the member studio, virtual or brick and mortar, has a logo or webpage link we can add that to our YAGD website home page under “Friends of YAGD”.

YAGD will help promote the studio in publishing studio events and activities through our social media which includes our website, Instagram and Facebook.”