Peg Darnell

Name & Hometown: 

I’m Peg Darnell, and I live in Wyandotte, Michigan.

Who or What inspired you to be a Yoga Instructor

I struggled to participate fully in group classes because of specific challenges. When I signed up for “yoga immersion”, I really had no idea it was teacher training. My intent was to learn personal options that would mimic the effects of asanas being taught, without causing personal damage. About half way through training, I realized there is a huge need for adapting practices to individuals and that those who could benefit the most are the most underserved. If I’ve learned anything at all in teaching since 2009, it’s that there’s no “one size fits all” and that each individual practice has its own edge.

Describe your style of yoga: 

We lovingly call it “yoga anarchy” or ‘yoga for broken people”.  I also like “yoga for everybody-else”.

What’s your favorite yoga pose? 

Triangle, especially in combination with Warrior II and Side Angle. The “holy trinity” of asanas for me.

What brings you to the mat? 

I originally came to the mat at 55 when I quit smoking. I heard that yoga did something to help breathing, and that’s what brought me in. I tell my students that yoga is life changing, incrementally. Today, I teach and practice to maximize my aging abilities. I turned 70 and missed the mat for three months this past winter following total hip replacement. PT was helpful, but getting back to the mat really accelerated healing and mobility.

If you teach, where? 

I’ve been teaching at Yoga for Peace in Southgate since 2009. With Covid, my karma yoga classes were temporarily suspended and I truly miss my senior’s stories about raising their grandkids.  

How has being a member of YAGD helped you in your yoga career? 

I absolutely LOVE the insights that come from different teachers. Little things like calling Savasana “sponge” make me look at asanas through a different lens. I use techniques and ques learned from other members in every class.

Do you have a favorite yoga story from your teaching experience? 

My favorite teacher always offered golf balls to roll under one foot at a time. I didn’t realize until I started teaching and offered them, that they’re a great icebreaker. I always bring them out when I have new students. There’s a fear that goes away instantly when they see the balls – “wait-what?”  The bonus for me is that I ride my bike past golf courses and pick up lost golf balls to clean up and give away. I may feel like sitting in front of the TV, but I roll my bike out and go “ball shagging” instead. (One of those “Incremental yoga life changers”.)

Is there anything else you would like to add.. like family… hobbies… Karma Yoga… or other professions?   

I’m a certified reflexologist, Reiki Master II, do animal reiki and since retiring from my “day job” in 2017, I’ve been making and selling crystal and mineral bracelets at fairs and markets.  I list the Fairs & Markets on Facebook at: “golfballpeg”, and on my website:  “”.  Come check it out!