Ellie Howard recommends YAGD!

Ellie Howard

My name is Ellie Howard and I have been a member of the Yoga Association of Greater Detroit for over 40 years. The YAGD is an opportunity to be around like-minded people once a month to participate, as a student, in a class from another member-teacher. We have the opportunity to enhance our Yoga experience at our monthly meetings. This keeps our Yoga-teaching experience fresh. Why have I stayed with YAGD for over 40 years? It has never gotten old for me. Every month I learn something that I didn’t know before … another way of moving from one posture to another … another way of introducing one of the basic poses … another new member joins and freshens our atmosphere.

Every year I am impressed with excellent leadership of YAGD. Our Board Members are the President/VP/Recording Secretary, and Treasurer. Then we have the commitment of our Committee Chairpersons. Their dedication makes for an outstanding experience.

If there is any question in your mind about joining or not joining, ask yourself, “What are you looking for in your Yoga profession?” For over 40 years, my questions have been answered here – in YAGD.